Tom Kuhn – Lightning

Tom Kuhn - Lightning - Multicolor

Tom Kuhn – Lightning – Multicolor

Material Wood
Diameter 56.6mm
Width 35.2mm
Weight 55g
Bearing N/A
Playstyle Fixed Axle

Tom Kuhn - Lightning - Multicolor - Profile

Tom Kuhn – Lightning – Multicolor – Profile

I love how simple and colorful the Lightning is. As a fixed axle throw, you’re not going to win any competitions with it but it’s fun and my grandparents love it. They look at it and tell my how they used to play with yo-yos when they were kids (I’m sure you know what that feels like!). For the price, it’s a great addition to my collection as an impulse buy.

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While there is nothing partially innovative about the Tom Kuhn/BC Lightning, that is precisely what makes it great. The Lightning is a fixed axle yo-yo in a classic imperial (or tournament) shape. As was once common with wooden yo-yos, it does not screw apart. The TK Lightning is best suited for beginner yo-yo tricks (Rock the Baby, Walk the Dog, etc.) and looping tricks. It can of course be used for more modern fixed axle tricks such as stalls, but its narrow 2.5mm gap does make for a greater challenge. Every thrower should have at least one classic yo-yo like this in their collection. Playing with a simple wooden yo-yo gives one a tangible connection to the heritage and legacy of yo-yoing and only serves to make you a better player. And it's FUN! Even if you only throw this one around on occasion, the Lightning looks great sitting on your shelf. Its mixture of wood grain and layered colors make for a beautiful and unique yo-yo.

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