YoYo Recreation – Laser

YoYo Recreation - Laser - Slate Blue

YoYo Recreation – Laser – Slate Blue

Material Bi-Metal
Diameter 56mm
Width 40mm
Weight 67g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Recreation - Laser - Slate Blue - Profile

YoYo Recreation – Laser – Slate Blue – Profile

I’d love to rant and rave about how much I love the laser but the truth is I just don’t. It’s stable but you feel all of that weight on the string when you’re playing it. I’ve never really liked the idea of 3a so maybe that’s why. I only have one of them so I couldn’t use it for 3a if I wanted to. It sure as hell looks great in the slate blue colorway I have. It’s not a bad yoyo, it’s just not inspiring to me.

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The trouble with the Laser is that it is not a Draupnir. Sometimes, a little-brother has to live in the shadow of an older brother that came before them. Is it more difficult to compare and contrast? yes. Is it fair to compare the Laser to the #1 yo-yo on the planet? No. The laser has mad spin-time as well as stability. It is a bit heavier and consequently not as floaty as the Draupnir. It is a bit thinner - due to being a 3A design, but beyond that, the performance is superior in all respects. My only negative is the raw, polished finish on mine. I find that it is a bit snaggy on strings every once and awhile. If it were anodized and blasted, my only complaint would instantly disappear. Not as inspiring as the masterpiece Draupnir. Still a Yoyorecreation, still an "A" rating for sure.

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