Rebellion – Golyat

Rebellion by YoYo Recreation - Golyat - Blue

Rebellion – Golyat – Blue

Material Plastic
Diameter 59.09mm
Width 43.7mm
Weight 66.9g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Rebellion by YoYo Recreation - Golyat - Blue - Profile

Rebellion – Golyat – Blue – Profile

Of the 3 Rebellion throws at launch, the Golyat is the one that stands out the most to me. It’s a pretty expensive plastic but it’s a very good one. Oversized, V shaped plastic yoyo that’s light and feels even lighter on the string. There aren’t many yoyos at this size that weigh this little making it a great and unique experience. If you’re looking for a top notch plastic that will constantly put a smile on your face, this is it!

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The Golyat is an oversized yo-yo machined from POM which is a kind of plastic that is durable and feels slick to the touch. When I first saw pictures of the Golyat, I assumed that the flag symbol in the centre of the yo-yo was a sticker but it's actually an aluminum hub that I assume , on the other side of the hub, is where the bearing seat is. A thing to note is that the Golyat also uses metal spacers (that look more like washers than the spacers found in yo-yos like the Protostar) so though I've never had a problem, take care when unscrewing the yo-yo as the spacers may fall out if you're not careful. With regards to how the Golyat plays, it plays lighter than one would expect from 59mm-diameter yo-yo. With its lightness on the string, the Golyat feels nimble and will facilitates speedy play if you're able to play fast. In addition, the Golyat is also stable despite its lightness. With the low wall on the Golyat and its stability, the Golyat makes a good plastic yo-yo for doing horizontal tricks. Another thing worth mentioning is how smooth the Golyat is. My Golyat is as smooth as my high-end aluminum yo-yos and is almost dead smooth on the string as well as on grinds. Also, because of its smoothness and the slick surface, the Golyat also does admirably on arm and finger grinds though a blasted aluminum surface still performs better. Would I recommend this to someone who is just getting into advanced yo-yo tricks? No, I would not. A $45 Shutter spins longer and is more stable than the Golyat and for its price, is incredibly hard to beat. But if you're someone who already has many yo-yos and is looking for variety in your throws and yet doesn't want a yo-yo that isn't a good performer, the Golyat is definitely a yo-yo that is worth considering.

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