YoYo Factory – Flight

YoYo Factory - Flight - Blue

YoYo Factory – Flight – Blue

YoYo Factory - Flight - Orange

YoYo Factory – Flight – Orange

YoYo Factory - Flight - Purple

YoYo Factory – Flight – Purple

Material Plastic
Diameter 75.95mm
Width 57.25mm
Weight 81.2g
Bearing C
Playstyle Off-String Tricks

YoYo Factory - Flight - Blue - Profile

YoYo Factory – Flight – Blue – Profile

YoYo Factory - Flight - Orange - Profile

YoYo Factory – Flight – Orange – Profile

YoYo Factory - Flight - Purple - Profile

YoYo Factory – Flight – Purple – Profile

Unfortunately, I’m not a great 4a player so I’ll just say that it’s considered one of the best off-string yo-yos to start with. They’re pretty cheap so all those dings you’re bound to get wont bother you so much too!

User reviews

2 5 1
Very affordable and does it's job quite well. The material choice is not the sturdiest but you can't ask for delrin on the price range. The design looks like a total knockoff of the Ashiru Kamui Light (shape and materials look the same). This yoyo is a great 4A player but I was greatly disappointed when I took it apart. Yoyofactory decided to put the infamous deathgrip spacers on the bearing so you can't really service the bearing without risking damage to the spacers and bearing (you need a metal knife to pry them off). Regardless of being highly criticized by the community on other yoyos like the proto or northstar, YYF is still using the deathgrip spacers so the Flight is more of a "disposable" yoyo in my opinion. So far, this yoyo looks like a knockoff, doesn't offer gap adjustments of any kind (which is becoming a standard for 4A) and can't really be serviced without risking damage and the price isn't that great considering you can get a Skyhawk for a few more bucks (That features gap adjustment and a steel ring for stability). I was going for a 3star review but the deathgrip spacers have been out there for years and YYF still insists on using them which is unacceptable for me so I give it just 2 stars because it's still the cheapest 4A yoyo out there. Other than being the cheapest and working acceptably, there's no other reason to get it since it's subpar to any other 4A yoyo.

4 5 1
This is my first 4a yoyo. Price is reasonable and material is resistant to scrapes and scratches. Because it is my first 4a throw, it hit the ground often, yet it still plays great. Perfect to learn the basics of 4a with, and the aurora color is beautiful! I cannot get insane spin times with it, but it lasts maybe 45 seconds with a decent throw. Again, for $25, it is a good first 4a throw!

4 5 1
Very stable. The material is very durable (as needed when trying to learn Offstring). It is a little lighter than expected but I got used to it pretty quickly. The size is great. Only downside would be the response. I had to use a slightly thicker string than I was used to (AMMO) because, personally, I found that, otherwise the response was pretty poor.

4 5 1
bought this as my first 4a throw. Great feel in hand, smooth and stable. Pretty durable if you ask me, as a 4a newbie it already hit the ground a few times, yet still plays great.

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