YoYo Factory – Fast 201

YoYo Factory - Fast 201 - Red

YoYo Factory – Fast 201 – Red

YoYo Factory - Fast 201 - Blue

YoYo Factory – Fast 201 – Blue

Material Plastic
Diameter 59.18mm
Width 35.3mm
Weight 64g
Bearing A
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - Fast 201 - Red - Profile

YoYo Factory – Fast 201 – Red – Profile

YoYo Factory - Fast 201 - Blue - Profile

YoYo Factory – Fast 201 – Blue – Profile

The Fast 201 is a great first yo-yo. It’s a nice shape and has a starburst response which makes it great for learning tricks like around the world, rock the baby and forward pass. It’s not great for string tricks because the response is very snaggy but for everything before that, it’s very fun to play with.

User reviews

4 5 1
This was the yoyo that got me hooked on throwing. It is probably the best yoyo for beginners that I have seen. Although the clips restrict any complicated string tricks they allow for practice on binds before you buy a higher quality yoyo. The only problem I have had is that after strenuous use the clips can snap which causes the yoyo to rattle and become slightly less responsive, but at the point by which this happens you will probably be ready for a higher quality yoyo anyway. Either way this is the yoyo that I use if I ever want to mindlessly throw without having to worry about binding.

2 5 1
As great as it was for it's time, that is where it belongs, in it's own time. Severely outdated with a starburst system prone to breaking and causing extra center weight.

3 5 1
I got FAST as my first yoyo. I liked it as a first throw, you can learn some basic tricks. Plays nice, but the starburst likes to eat through strings very fast. If you're looking for a first throw I'd suggest YYJ Classic, but if you can only get FAST- buy it. Just get more strings!

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