YoYo Factory – DV888

YoYo Factory - DV888 - Red

YoYo Factory – DV888 – Red

Material Aluminium
Diameter 50.1mm
Width 38.83mm
Weight 66.2g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - DV888 - Red - Profile

YoYo Factory – DV888 – Red – Profile

The DV888 is a great introduction to undersized yo-yos. It’s fast, stable and light. It has pretty high walls and the catch zone isn’t very big but it’s still a fun throw to put in your pocket. It comes in responsive or unresponsive. Mine came responsive and it was a bit of a pain to upgrade but I got there, I replaced the pads with slimmer ones and the bearing with a wider one and now it plays perfectly unresponsive. I think the DV888 is great for somebody who is looking for their first pocket throw.

User reviews

5 5 1
Everyone's first metal yoyo. this was my second but my first was a maverick so its easy to see how this blew it away. Stable, design for abuse and well rounded performer. Weak horizontal abilities but its possible. Great for rejections.

4 5 1
It was my first yoyo. You can tell it was originally an unresponsive yoyo as it can take some effort to get it to come back if you don't keep it well-lubed. Its a bit tinier than yoyos these days (2015) so you'll really learn how to throw straight. It spins a nice long time and makes a great sound while doing so. Remember it is metal, so it can come back kinda hard. Overall, I think its a great first metal yoyo. It doesn't feel cheap and is really affordable.

4 5 1
The fact that it is an undersized yoyo was perfect for me, since I have small hands. It plays really smoothly, although it did came with a little bit of vibe (nothing a quick tuning couldn't fix). Despite being small, its weight is perfect for its size. All in all, a good choice for a first throw.

2 5 1
I'm reviewing the responsive version of the DV888. It comes with a narrow size C bearing (it's 2/3 of the regular one in width) and considerably thicker response pads. Out of the box it's VERY responsive, even dangerously responsive in my opinion. I truly don't get the idea behind the responsive DV888, it might be good as a novelty or for someone who doesn't play much, I mean it looks nice, it's cheap, it doesn't vibe or has any defect but honestly it isn't a yoyo I like to play with. The response is just too aggressive for a chunk of metal of that size and weight, I can't count the times I hurt my hand with that yoyo. I've played with other responsive metal yoyos that are way more fun to play, the DV888's response, again, is just too aggressive. I was going to give a 1 star review to the responsive DV888 but since you can upgrade it to unresponsive with new pads, axle and bearing (the pack costs like half of the total yoyo's price) it's a 2 star to me. It ends up as a proper unresponsive undersize high walled metal yoyo that has massive rims. However when you consider it's made in china the price is not a strong point since you can get a better bang for your buck with a chinese brand yoyo probably made in the same place.

4 5 1
The first metal yoyo I bought and it is probably the reason is still yoyo. It just feels so natural and smooth.

4 5 1
The DV888 was my first metal throw and has been my main throw for the last two years. I received it in its unresponsive form. It's a bit on the small side for a metal and if you're the kind who loves 1A style of play, landing string tricks on the DV888's smaller that normal width may present a challenge for those upgrading from a wider yoyo (like the YYF Protostar). The DV888 has some vibe, but it's not enough to ruin your day. At the price I got it for ($30), the DV888 is a great first all-metal yoyo and a perfect addition to anybody's collection.

4 5 1
The first responsive/unresponsive yoyo that I owned, great for learning however I feel like it held me back. Changing Axle/Bearings/Pads is a breeze and the weight feels just right. Great choice for a beginner.

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