Duncan – Strix

Duncan - Strix - Red

Duncan – Strix – Red

Material Aluminium
Diameter 54.5mm
Width 42.3mm
Weight 66.5g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Duncan - Strix - Red - Profile

Duncan – Strix – Red – Profile

Yet another great $50 offering from Duncan. the Strix is a very stable and long spinning H shape with a super wide catch zone. It’s stable and long spinning enough to learn all your combos and tricks on will feeling very nice and providing excellent feedback. While the finish doesn’t accomodate finger grinds, the cups are great for learning horizontal finger spins, it just doesn’t d oit for very long unless you get it right on the tip of your nail.

User reviews

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I have a few metal throws but I keep coming back to the Strix. I am new to throwing and with the Strix I am able to land tricks more consistently. It feels great in the hand and throws very smooth. The Strix is my go-to throw. I highly recommend it as a first metal throw.

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