YoYo Factory – Dream Ti

YoYo Factory - Dream Ti - Purple

YoYo Factory – Dream Ti – Purple

Material Titanium
Diameter 56mm
Width 43mm
Weight 65.75g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - Dream Ti - Purple - Profile

YoYo Factory – Dream Ti – Purple – Profile

The Dream Ti isn’t a cheap yo-yo by any means but if you’re in the market for a titanium yo-yo that’s full sized and plays well without entirely bankrupting yourself, it’s a good place to look. The finish looks outstanding, much better than the pictures show. It changes color as you move it around in the light. On the strings is where it really starts to shine though. It’s light, fast and lets you know with a very satisfying ‘zing’ sound when you’ve hit the string. There’s not much around like this yo-yo and at $300, it’s not cheap. I’ll struggle to recommend it because the price of entry is so high but if you must have a titanium yo-yo, the Dream Ti is a good one.

User reviews

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This is, without a doubt, one of the best yo-yo's made anywhere, for any price. The guys at YYF have made a Titanium yo-yo that is a masterpiece of titanium inspired performance. It is light, fast, floaty and the spin-time is just out of this world. What more could you ask a piece of metal to do? The only negative is a relatively "generic" feel much like the Catalyst. Given that this generic play is paired with world-class spin-time, stability and speed; you begin to see what a great package this Dream is. I like the Raw for play given a choice. The difference between the two, however, is pretty much finger-grinds only. Do yourself a favor, save your $$$ and get one of these. Sure, it is expensive - but you will not be disappointed in the least. A+

5 5 1
This yoyo is in my opinion, the best yoyo in the yyf lineup. It has an equal mixture of being speedy, stable, and long spinning. The use of titanium allows for weight distribution which is not possible in aluminium, allowing forit to play extremely well. It can handle both fast and slow styles of play very well and while the price tag may be high, it is definitely still a must have in any collection.

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