YoYo Recreation – Dreadnaught

YoYo Recreation - Dreadnaught - Pink

YoYo Recreation – Dreadnaught – Pink

Material Aluminium
Diameter 62mm
Width 45mm
Weight 67g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Recreation - Dreadnaught - Pink - Profile

YoYo Recreation – Dreadnaught – Pink – Profile

The Dreadnaught is one of the finest oversized throws I’ve ever had the pleasure to throw. At over 6cm in diameter, it’s huge in your hands and not ideal for intricate tricks like ladder escape but it’s very fun to play with. You don’t feel all of it’s weight when it’s spinning on the string and it’s very stable. I wouldn’t throw it all day every day but it’s very refreshing to come back to now and then. Lastly, the finish is as beautiful as you’ve come to expect from YoYo Recreation.

User reviews

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I loved mine for a while because I have huge hands and feel comfortable with big yoyos. This one is long spinning, stable and easy to play, doesn't feel as heavy as specs show, but I felt so much kickback and in the end I sold mine.

3 5 1
it is definitely a unique yoyo. its huge diameter makes it play far heavier than even 70g yoyo's like the downbeat. i noticed after a few days it started to wear on my wrist. it has a ridiculous amount of rotational inertia and i would say that is it's main characteristic.

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