YoYo Jam – Dark Magic II

YoYo Jam - Dark Magic II - Blue Vortex

YoYo Jam – Dark Magic II – Blue Vortex

YoYo Jam - Dark Magic II - Black with Blue rims

YoYo Jam – Dark Magic II – Black with Blue rims

Material Plastic with Aluminium Rims
Diameter 56.13mm
Width 41.4mm
Weight 69g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Jam - Dark Magic II - Blue Vortex - Profile

YoYo Jam – Dark Magic II – Blue Vortex – Profile

YoYo Jam - Dark Magic II - Black with Blue rims - Profile

YoYo Jam – Dark Magic II – Black with Blue rims – Profile

The Dark Magic II is the signature throw of one of the most influential people in the sport. Andre Boulay runs YoYoExpert and created some of the most useful tutorials that have inspired thousands of people to start throwing. While by modern standards it’s not the most spectacular yo-yo ever created, it’s still a good one. It’s super stable and it will out-spin most plastics. The Dark Magic II has high walls which means it’s somewhat punishing meaning if you learn a trick on a Dark Magic II, you’ll be nailing it every time on anything else.

User reviews

3 5 1
I bought the DM2 when I first got into yoyoing, and it was a good yoyo to learn on. As others have said, the design is a bit outdated, and for the price there are better options out there. But, if you have the opportunity to pick one up second hand or at a pretty steep discount, I do feel like it is an overall fun and playful yoyo to have.

3 5 1
This yoyo is okay the thumb grind lines aren't as useful as the could be and there are probably better throws for the same price but overall it is pretty solid.

3 5 1
Pros: It comes with bearings for both responsive and unresponsive play. The metal rims add enough weight so that it's stable compared to most entry levels, and will spin for quite a while. Cons: The high walls make it very unforgiving after you get two or three layers of string in the gap, and won't let you get away with sloppy throws. Also, let's be honest: those transparent caps aren't exactly beautiful. No cup also means (virtually) no IGR. On the string, it's definitely not very nimble. It'll do what you tell it to, but it'll do so at a slower pace. I disagree with other reviews saying it's light on the string, I personally can really feel its weight. Despite its flaws, the DM2 is a great beginner throw because it will force you to use good form and comes with the extra bearing. For intermediate throwers and beyond, it's a bit lacking unless you're buying it for the history.

4 5 1
Compared to modern metal throws the DM2 isn't the most stable. Its high walls mean that it is relatively unforgiving and tilts easily. It feels really nice in the hand and is well built. On the string it feels way lighter than it actually is. All in all it is a nice yoyo but yoyoing has progressed since it release, so it is outdated and outperformed by more modern throws.

2 5 1
One of the first few throws I purchased and it's the one I like the least, It's a pain to take out knots with the high walls and doesn't grind that well. I do, however, like the caps on this throw; the Shinwoo Light Kit (colour changing LEDs) fits almost perfect and looks great at night.

4 5 1
The DMII is pretty good for modern play. It does have some walls, and it isn't super duper stable, but it is very fun. I don't know if I'd spend the $40 I spent on it again, as YYJ themselves have more modern hybrids in their lineup, but as an icon, and a fun yoyo, this one is up there. Mine vibes a little badly, even worse with the Shinwoo light kit installed, but I still like to play it for a grin.

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