YoYo Factory – CZM8

YoYo Factory - CZM8 - Blue with Pink Splash

YoYo Factory – CZM8 – Blue with Pink Splash

Material Aluminium
Diameter 56.5mm
Width 42.4mm
Weight 66.9g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - CZM8 - Blue with Pink Splash - Profile

YoYo Factory – CZM8 – Blue with Pink Splash – Profile

The CZM8 is a nifty little V shape throw at a really nice price. The stand-out feature is the V shape and it’s a good introduction into the shape of throws. It’s fairly fast and stable, the cups are great for grinds and finger spins because the finish is lightly blasted and it’s an overall great throw for the money. Unlike most of the YoYo Factory throws in this price range, mine didn’t come with a Center Trac bearing, it came with a flat one which is fine but bare that in mind if you’re thinking of taking the plunge.

User reviews

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This is a great throw and I would sudgest everyone to try it at least once. The rims bring the weight distribution to the outside of the yoyo making it increadibly stable and the V shape makes it great for catching the string. It is good for horizontal play to and great for grinding.

4 5 1
The CZM8 is Vashek Kroutil's signature throw. It's a speedy yet stable V shape throw that I find to be light and well rounded in it's characteristics. It can play fast, and it's surface really helps finger grinds. It also comes in very nice splashes. It's a really optimal throw for beginners and experts alike, as it is very forgiving while doing tricks.

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