One Drop – Code 1

One Drop - Code 1 - Blue

One Drop – Code 1 – Blue

Material Aluminium
Diameter 56.04mm
Width 41.98mm
Weight 64g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

One Drop - Code 1 - Blue - Profile

One Drop – Code 1 – Blue – Profile

The Code 1 isn’t the most recommended of One Drops line up but it should be talked about more than it is. It’s got a super exaggerated H shape which makes for a super stable, fast throw. Due to the shape of the rims, the catch zone isn’t the entire width of the yo-yo like it is on V shapes but it’s still easy enough to catch. I like the Code 1 for tricks I’m confident with. It uses One Drop Side Effects so you can swap them out for a slightly different feel.

User reviews

5 5 1
The one drop code 1 has been my favorite Yoyo for a long time now. I just love the width and shape of the yoyo. Also if you don't like how it plays you can change it to how you want with the remove able side effects. That way you can make it play lighter of heavier. How ever you enjoy throwing. The riges on the inside of the yoyo really help with guyding the string where ever you want it. I have learned a lot of difficult trick with this yoyo, and I would recommend it for everyone.

4 5 1
My oh my. The code 1. This was definitely a daily throw for a while. The shape is is an H shape but it is still very comfortable in the hand and you would think that the code 1 would play a little bit heavy, but the wizards at OneDrop distributed the weight so that it feels very light on the string. Another plus about the Code 1 is the grooves in the catch zone that greatly improve grinds on top of their signature Pyramatte finish. One Drop Code 1: Highly recommend.

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