Caribou Lodge – Chief

Caribou Lodge - Chief - Mischief

Caribou Lodge – Chief – Mischief

Caribou Lodge - Chief - Ash Berry

Caribou Lodge – Chief – Ash Berry

Material Aluminium
Diameter 56.5mm
Width 44.47mm
Weight 66g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Caribou Lodge - Chief - Mischief - Profile

Caribou Lodge – Chief – Mischief – Profile

Chief - Ash Berry - Profile

The Chief is the epitome of Caribou Lodge. It feels super light and nimble on the string and plays like a dream. 66g isn’t exactly heavy but it feels even lighter on the string. It’s plenty stable but the standout characteristic is how nimble and agile it is. If you love Caribou Lodge, you’ll love the Chief.

User reviews

5 5 1
This is my favorite yoyo. Period. It is the lightest and floatiest feeling full sized yoyo I own and it plays amazing to top it off. Not to mention mine plays like hot butter on clean glass. There really isn't a way to put how a Chief plays into words, you have to get one.

5 5 1
The Chief was my first CLYW throw. It quickly became one of my favorites. Long spinning and stable, this throw is great for learning or pulling of a trickly combo. I find the float of the yoyo is great for hop tricks.The snow tire response pads leave you with nice tight bind. All around a great throw and a great introduction to CLYW

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