One Drop – Cascade

One Drop - Cascade - FloZ

One Drop – Cascade – FloZ

Material Aluminium
Diameter 53mm
Width 45mm
Weight 66.9g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

One Drop - Cascade - FloZ - Profile

One Drop – Cascade – FloZ – Profile

The Cascade is a very fast and agile. It semi-undersized and super wide with an organic shape. I really like how it responds to my movements, it’s satisfying mix of speed, control and size is completely charming. For $100 or more it’s not a cheap yoyo but it delivers. It uses One Drop Side Effects so you can swap them out for a slightly different feel.

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General impressions: The Cascade is a middle sized, organic shaped yoyo produced by Onedrop design in Canada. From it's specification you can see that it's a more width oriented yoyo, making string catches easy. Even of that high width/diameter ratio, thanks to the step scale weight distibuition on the inside of the cup, the yoyo remains stable during play. The shape is a kind of organic, reminding of a hourglass. It feels very confortable in the hand and looks sexy in photos. Sadly it has high walls around the response sistem, making horizontal play harder than other recent production throws (but also not so recent yoyos, i.e. yyr sleipnir). As all not full sized throws it's a chopstick tricks killer, it spins fast and is good at regenerations. Out of the box is heavy for it's dimensions, but you can change a little it's weitgh. Side effects: This is the main feauture in Onedrop yoyos. Aside from dodge axle-cups tripping, side effects give you the chance to slightly change the weight of the yoyo. Human perception is limited to 3% of weight change (so you can't actually feel the difference between a 65g yoyo and a 66g one, if you can it's called placebo) but anyway it slightly changes the rpm and the momentum of the yoyo, giving you a kind of customization of it, on your preference. Ball bearing: The yoyo comes with a classic OD 10 ball bearing. It is one of the highest performancing bearing in the market, it spins for a very long time and lasts long time without any kind of mainteance, BUT it's flat (and convex on the very side, making it unusable with extreme large gapped yoyos). The flat surface makes the string not centered and often makes the yoyo bending on one side. I personally suggest to change the bearing into a 10 balls concave one. Response pads: This is the worst thing of the yoyo (and of onedrop, in my opinion). The pads does a kind of grip on the string that i really don't like. Plus they are hard to take away as you have to clean with chemicals the pad groove after removing it. Mine has been on the yoyo for about 4 hour and two different type of strings. I moved to flowable silicone (arexon motorsil d rossa) and it's perfect. Surface: As most of Onedrop yoyos the surface is “piramatte(d)”. this treatment gives a cool matte finish on the anodization and a good grinding capacity. Definitely one of the best finish for yoyos. Cascade logo is engraved on each half, but the Onedrop logo and maybe a pair of words would have made the yoyo even more actracting. Conclusions: The yoyo out of the box is definitely enhancable. It will need a replacement of the side effects to Ultralights for it's weight, a change of the response pads, and a new concave ball bearing. After this the only thing i can say Onedrop should have done are lower walls, but it's not a real problem as horizontal is anyway playable with a little of effort. The yoyo itself is real high performance yoyo, it will give you a confident feel either in a yoyo meeting or on a stage.

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The cascade is one of my favorite One Drop Yoyos. It can be as fast or as chilled out as you like it. I do think it plays perfectly with the dome SE's, I've tried ULs and AntiYo's, and I still feel like the domes are perfect. I have mine tuned smooth with a Buddha Whipple bearing, and I gotta say, it's almost weird to play. I feel like it is a little solid on the string, more on the light side, but it's not gonna let you forget you are playing. I feel like I could type more, but you have to play it to understand the feeling you get from a Cascade.

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The cascade is one outstanding yo-yo. The shape and width work really, really well together and the way that OneDrop distributed the weight made the cascade feel very unique. Definitely one of my favorite throws that I had.

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