Anti-Yo – Busine$$

Anti-Yo - Business - Pink and Gold

Anti-Yo – Business – Pink and Gold

Material Aluminium
Diameter 49mm
Width 35mm
Weight 66g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Anti-Yo - Business - Pink and Gold - Profile

Anti-Yo – Business – Pink and Gold – Profile

Honestly I don’t like the Busine$$ that much. It’s very snaggy with both response pads installed and very slippy with just one. It’s hard to find a good response from it. It’s not a terrible small, organic yo-yo but it’s not a good one either.

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While I agree that it has its faults, this is one of my favorite undersized yoyo's. I have had the same trouble with response pads but I found that 2 worn in thick dif pad make those problems go away. As with most yoyo's that use the old response pads they start off kind of snaggy, and as time progresses your binds start to get looser and looser. In today's market if you can find one, I'd snag it. Even though it is dated, I love the way it looks and it feels solid in the hand at 66g.

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