Yomega – Brain

Yomega - Brain - Green

Yomega – Brain – Green

Material Plastic
Diameter 58.79mm
Width 35.72mm
Weight 59.3g
Bearing None. Uses a Clutch
Playstyle Looping Tricks/Learning to throw good sleepers

Yomega - Brain - Green - Profile

Yomega – Brain – Green – Profile

The Brain comes back without having to tug on the string. I usually keep a few around to give away to family and friends who want to get into yo-yoing. It’s a good starter to learn to throw solid sleepers on since it comes back on it’s own when it slows down to a certain RPM, it provides a good benchmark for improvement.

User reviews

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Great throw, easy to pick up and throw casually. Best for beginners because of the ease with which you can pull it up, but sleep time is too low for any intermediate tricks. If you are looking for a beginners or casual yoyo then I highly recommend, but if you are looking for a yoyo that will accommodate semi-complex tricks then I suggest that you look elsewhere.

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