Caribou Lodge – Bonfire

Caribou Lodge - Bonfire - CRYO

Caribou Lodge – Bonfire – CRYO

Caribou Lodge - Bonfire - Matsuri Splash

Caribou Lodge – Bonfire – Matsuri Splash

Material Aluminium
Diameter 55.1mm
Width 45.14mm
Weight 66.3g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Caribou Lodge - Bonfire - CRYO - Profile

Caribou Lodge – Bonfire – CRYO – Profile

Caribou Lodge - Bonfire - Matsuri Splash - Profile

Caribou Lodge – Bonfire – Matsuri Splash – Profile

It started life as the undersized yo-yo called the Campfire and Caribou Lodge wanted to make a full sized counterpart. They stumbled upon my favorite yo-yo from their line up. It feels much lighter than it is on the string and even though it’s an aggressive V shape, it’s not an aggressive yo-yo. It’s got an enormous catch zone and and it’s very agile, responding pleasantly to inputs. It’s so good, I got two!

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/u/muchdotgeek I love my Bonfire. It's very "floaty" in the sense of lack of presence on string. The Bonfire isn't slow but it's not super speedy. It is fairly stable. Great relaxing, fun throw. Grinds are pretty good as with most CLYW yoyos. Fingerspins are average, the spike doesn't get in the way. I can't really do horizontal, but I'd imagine it's good at it because the shape is close to a pure v. I would definitely recommend this, it is just so fun to throw.

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The bonfire arrived to me a few days ago. I haven't put it down since. Here are my thoughts so far: Look: Simply amazing. I got a black with pink speckle. The finish is smooth and grinds well. Bearing/response: it comes with the clyw snowtires and a CTX bearing. They both play amazing. My favorite response I've tried. Play: first, it feels so great on the string. It's got a presence on the string but will play at any speed you want. The catch zone is huge and makes for easy tricks. Its pretty stable but not too much so. This yoyo just feels very high quality. I don't know how to explain it. Tl;Dr: this is my favorite in my collection so far. It plays with some character and is a lot of fun.

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My favorite throw right here! It is light and floaty on the string. Nice wide profile and a finish that grinds like a champ. I would recommend this throw to everyone who is looking for a CLWY!

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The bonfire is one of my favorite throws. It will go off plane easier than other metals around the same price range. It is fast and nimble on the string and a ton of fun to throw. Also its just a really nice looking yoyo.

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