One Drop – Benchmark V

One Drop - Benchmark V - Pink

One Drop – Benchmark V – Pink

Material Aluminium
Diameter 56mm
Width 42mm
Weight 66.2g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

One Drop - Benchmark V - Pink - Profile

One Drop – Benchmark V – Pink – Profile

Another one of my favorite Benchmarks from One Drop. Fast, wide catch zone and stable. It’s called a V but it’s really a wing shape. It was renamed in the 2014 series to the W and the V was replaced with an actual V shape, not a wing. For $50-$60, there’s a lot of competition but it’s a great choice. It uses One Drop Side Effects so you can swap them out for a slightly different feel.

User reviews

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This is a personal favorite of mine. The Benchmark V was my very first metal yo-yo. With this yo-yo, I was able to learn almost all the YoYoExpert trick and eventually make my own tricks too. The feel of this yo-yo is simply amazing. It has just the right amount of float mixed in with the right amount of solidness.In conclusion, without this yo-yo, I probably wouldn't be anywhere near the skill level that I am right now.

4 5 1
Usually when selecting throws, I have to choose between stability and how taxing it is on my hand. The Benchmark V has an excellent balance between the two. The metal is really easy to grind with as well. Compared to some of my other throws, it has a little more momentum which makes it slightly harder to do faster tricks. I've been using this for over a year now and it has become my go-to throw. Highly recommend to those looking for something replace their first throw.

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