One Drop – Benchmark 2014 V

One Drop - Benchmark 2014 V - Silver

One Drop – Benchmark 2014 V – Silver

Material Aluminium
Diameter 55mm
Width 43mm
Weight 62g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

One Drop - Benchmark 2014 V - Silver - Profile

One Drop – Benchmark 2014 V – Silver – Profile

The 2014 Benchmark series from One Drop is a great reference point to help you pick your favorite shapes. the V is the fastest of the 4 with the widest catch zone. It’s very fast, not just fast for $60 but fast by any measure. It’s stable enough and very light. My preference for a V shapes might lead you to think that is my favorite of the 4 but it’s a close second behind the W. It uses One Drop Side Effects so you can swap them out for a slighty different feel.

User reviews

4 5 1
This throw's sweet. It's a little less stable than most, so I wouldn't recommend for a beginner, but great otherwise! Fast smooth plays awesome

5 5 1
For $60 this yoyo is a steal. It is one of the smoothest yoyos I have ever used. It's balanced, fast, and very smooth. Comes with a OneDrop 10 ball bearing, which is also one of my favorites. I've thrown a MF Caesar and a CLYW WM2; the benchmark rivals them in my opinion.

4 5 1
This is a great value yoyo, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it as a first throw. It is definitely impeccably balanced and quiet, but I find it to be a touch on the fast side, making you feel like you have to keep up with it through tricks. It's perfect 'V' shape makes for very easy learning of string tricks, but also leaves the yoyo prone to going off-axis. To boil it down to a single word: precise.

4 5 1
Whats not to love about this yoyo? Its priced low, comes with all the amenities we have come to expect from OneDrop, and performs very well. This is a fantastic throw for anyone looking to get a feel for what a V shape throw feels like as it has all the qualities of a V shape throw. However, I would not recommend this to someone looking for a good throw to learn on as it has a tendency to be a little unstable at times. Other than that, theres no reason to not own this throw.

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