One Drop – Benchmark 2014 H

One Drop - Benchmark 2014 H - Grey

One Drop – Benchmark 2014 H – Grey

Material Aluminium
Diameter 55mm
Width 43mm
Weight 62g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

One Drop - Benchmark 2014 H - Grey - Profile

One Drop – Benchmark 2014 H – Grey – Profile

The 2014 Benchmark series from One Drop is a great reference point to help you pick your favorite shapes. The H is fast through the air, nimble on the string and light. It’s stable and will continue spinning through your combos. It uses One Drop Side Effects and comes stock with a flat cap one. If you’re looking for an H shape for around $65, I might recommend the Shu Ta or Shutter before this Benchmark but it’s still an amazing value option.

User reviews

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This is a great throw for a beginner like me. I got it a few weeks ago as my first metal. Since then I have been playing a lot and the Benchmark has done a great job handling every trick I've attempted. The H Shape gives it a great feel in the hand and makes it play quite stable. It comes stock with the One Drop 10 ball bearing. Out of the box it spins great, but I cleaned mine out and then applied a tiny bit of Gorrilus Lubricus. Now it still spins great but also super quiet and dead smooth. For the price it is quite amazing.

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The 2014 benchmark H is a great budget throw. At $58, the yoyo performs at a much higher price range. It's stable and will power through long combos and stay spinning while creating new tricks. However, I find that the yoyo performs better when the side effects are switched to ultra lights. The benchmark is a good middle ground between the shutter and Shu-ta. It's reliable and if ever stripped can be fixed by simply switching side effects!

4 5 1
This is a great throw. Fast spin times as it comes with a Onedrop 10Ball bearing, it has a floaty feel to it and it looks great (I have the Blue one). Great throw for any level Thrower and well within budget, I take mine everywhere with me.

4 5 1
This throw is all around just a really fun throw. Mine's fast, stable, and feels a little floaty (I don't particularly like the floatiness), it's strange because my friends who also have benchmark H's have different feels to them. This is my daily carry, it's a fun throw, it performs really well and looks very nice.

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