Anti-Yo – Bapezilla 2

Anti-Yo - Bapezilla 2 - Blue and Green

Anti-Yo – Bapezilla 2 – Blue and Green

Material Aluminium
Diameter 52mm
Width 39.5mm
Weight 68g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Anti-Yo - Bapezilla 2 - Blue and Green - Profile

Anti-Yo – Bapezilla 2 – Blue and Green – Profile

Super relaxed feeling, hefty organic. It’s not exactly light but it’s still small and nimble, very heavy for it’s size. Some have been known to eat string due to the rough finish so watch out for that, just check the string near the bearing now and then to make sure it’s not worn. It’s plenty stable but it’s narrow profile and high walls make it a hard yoyo to use and punishing if you get it wrong. Note that it uses One Drop Side Effects so you can swap them out for a different feel if you like.

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Fun and amazing for what it is but certainly no competition throw. This is a very old yoyo, and very hard to find. However, it feels great on the string and is immensely fun to play. While it is not the most balanced or fast yoyo, it is capable of long combos but is not as forgiving as modern yoyos.

4 5 1
This is one of my absolute favorite yoyos. I don't really get into competition play too much, so a fun, relaxed yoyo is something that is a nice change of pace to my hardcore performance throws. The nice organic shape is comfortable in the hand, and the grind surface is amazing. You do have to lightly sand, or rub denim across the string area to eliminate the string eating, but that is easy to do, and it makes a great yoyo better. It does play a little heavy with the stock Anti-Yo side effects, but I find the heft gives the smaller sized bapezilla some stability and presence on the string. It is a bit heavy, and not the string burning hot rod we are used to today, so I only give 4 starts out of 5, but honestly, it's closer to 4.5, I do really like this yoyo.

4 5 1
The only reason that I'm giving this 4 stars, is that it is not my favorite iteration of this yoyo. I also own a Viszilla and a "Stealthzilla", both of which I prefer to the Bapezilla.2. The Viszilla was the predecessor to the Bapezilla.2, and came in half dark grey, half light grey. The "Stealthzilla" is a very limited run of black hardcoated Bapezilla.2's; only 15 produced nd only 10 sold to the public. Both of them fix the one issue that I have with the Bapezilla.2, and that is the string eating problem. The blasted finish feels great in hand, but unless you buff or lightly sand around the response area, it will eat strings like crazy and send itself flying accross your room. With that out of the way, it's an awesome mid-undersized throw. Extremely comfortable shape, and very pocketable design. Being compatible with side effects is awesome, as you can change the weight of this yoyo; I highly recommend trying out some ultralights in it if you haven't already. It isn't the greatet performer for today's crazy standards of competition, as it's a high-walled organic shape, but I don't necessarily want all of my throw to be competition beasts. The Bapezilla.2 fits nicely into my collection as a very fun and relaxed smaller throw. FTFRS

5 5 1
these originally 'sold out' soon after i became aware of modern yoyoing, and at that point the price tag bewildered me. lately a few of them were released (which i never thought was possible) and i bought it immediately. its small and heavy, plays solid but has a short temper and if you mess around its over. i dont get too concerned with the 'challenge' of high walls and all that, and i can do all my tricks with this yoyo. its super portable compared to the modern 'mid size' yoyo. and YES. it eats strings like crazy. i dont even care, i love love love love it. the colors are great the finish is great and the side effects are great. its the toy i had always wanted, so i bought it. play one if you get a chance, buy one if youre lucky. these will always be relevant.

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