Axis – Pulsefire SS

Axis - Pulsefire SS - Black with Pink and Blue splash

Axis – Pulsefire SS – Black with Pink and Blue splash

Material Bi-Metal
Diameter 55.8mm
Width 42.8mm
Weight 66.0g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Axis - Pulsefire SS - Black with Pink and Blue splash - Profile

Axis – Pulsefire SS – Black with Pink and Blue splash – Profile

The Pulsefire SS was a crowdfunded project where the first 25 got to choose their colorway and have a custom engraving. It’s a well rounded capable yo-yo that performs well for it’s price. The simple shape is forgiving and stable and spin times are more than long enough to perform the longest of combos. The weight on the string isn’t heavy but it’s not light either leaving me feeling a bit uninspired. It’s a good yo-yo, it just doesn’t set my string on fire like other yo-yos in this price range.

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I disagree strongly. This is a great yo yo, and gives you a great feeling.

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Disclaimer: I don't own a Pulsefire SS, however I did have a chance to play with one a good bit. Like most bimetals these days, it is a very good player. Stable, long spinning, felt good on the string. Shape is nothing revolutionary, but it doesn't need to be. It's comfortable and the weight is in the right places. This is no doubt a great Yoyo. Bimetal and 7075 at a great price (especially if you participated in the IGG campaign). I couldn't find anything wrong with it, but there wasn't anything standout for me that made me want to run out and buy one for the collection.

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I have to thoroughly disagree with the review. This is an amazing yoyo. It is fairly light, while retaining some power, it makes it feel like you really are throwing something special. This yoyo performs better than its price by a long shot, and I'd happily buy another new. My ONLY criticism is the bearings they sent me. They are gritty, loud, don't like lube what so ever, and the CT shaped one is only an 8 ball, which does make a difference in the way it feels on the string.

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I also respectfully disagree. The Pulsefire is my favorite throw. I own three Draupnirs, two Pulsefires, one Spacecowboy, and one Berzerker. Out them all the Pulsefire is my favorite. Hands down! The Pulsefire wins in looks, comfortability, stability, maneuverability and spin time. It's also one of the cheapest bimetals on the market!

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