sOMEThING – Anglam 7075

sOMEThING - Anglam 7075 - Pink

sOMEThING – Anglam 7075 – Pink

Material Bi-Metal
Diameter 55.23mm
Width 42.0mm
Weight 67.4g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

sOMEThING - Anglam 7075 - Pink - Profile

sOMEThING – Anglam 7075 – Pink – Profile

Titanium rims on a 7075 aluminium, v shaped body make for a solid, fast feeling yo-yo. There’s no getting away from how expensive it is at nearly $300 but it’s an amazing performer, fast and stable while still feeling managable. The stronger aluminium body is heavier than the 6061 version but it can also endure hits better than it’s predecessor.

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