sOMEThING – Anglam 2

C3 YoYo Design - Anglam 2 - Otto Knows

sOMEThING – Anglam 2 – Otto Knows

Material Bi-Metal
Diameter 55.2mm
Width 44.2mm
Weight 66g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

sOMEThING - Anglam 2 - Otto Knows - Profile

sOMEThING – Anglam 2 – Otto Knows – Profile

Lightning fast, spins forever and so stable you’ll think it’s on rails. A but wider but still lighter than it’s predecessor, I really see the improvement. It’s also a lot cheaper than the original Anglam because it doesn’t use titanium parts. There’s not much that beat the Anglam 2, maybe a Draupnir, Nobunaga but it hangs with them with confidence. If you’re in the market for a $200+ yo-yo, put the Anglam 2 on your shortlist. My 2 tone one looks particularly eye catching and gets quite a few comments in public for it’s looks.

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