Rebellion – Acro

Rebellion by YoYo Recreation - Acro - Red

Rebellion – Acro – Red

Material Aluminium
Diameter 55.25mm
Width 45.17mm
Weight 67g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

Rebellion by YoYo Recreation - Acro - Red - Profile

Rebellion – Acro – Red – Profile

Based on the YoYo Recreation Acrophobia. Wide and while it’s organic, it’s still aggressive and easy to catch. Very nimble and super stable. Really good for fast Eli Hops and very compitent at everything else. The finish is shiny, not blasted so it’s not a grinder, leave it on and around the string and it’ll do very well. For $50, it’s a great entry into Japanese metals.

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The Rebellion series, which is relatively new, features beginner-friendly, budget metal yoyos for around the $50 range (USA), in which I feel is beneficial to players of a all skill-levels. The Rebellion Acro in particular features a nice and comfortable O-shape, which makes string tricks stable and string hits more consistent. The weight of the Acro feels pretty solid, which makes play styles floaty. Armed with YYR response pads, and a Konkave Bearing, risky-to-do-tricks are now less tricky, and its wide gap makes pops and maneuvers much easier to hit. In my opinion, the Rebellion Acro is the perfect yoyo for throwers to be introduced to organic shapes, or for anyone starting metal as their very first throw!

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