C3 YoYo Design – Accelerator

C3 YoYo Design - Accellerator - Blue with Black Speckle

C3 YoYo Design – Accellerator – Blue with Black Speckle

Material Aluminium
Diameter 55.48mm
Width 45.55mm
Weight 66.5g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

C3 YoYo Design - Accellerator - Blue with Black Speckle - Profile

C3 YoYo Design – Accellerator – Blue with Black Speckle – Profile

Very nice sized, aggressive V shape and lightning fast. It’s got a huge catch zone and is very nimble. It’s a great performer for $50 and a great alternative to the usual suspects in this price range like the Shutter and Too HOT. It’s plenty stable and will spin through all your combos. It lacks personality and feel but it more than makes up for it in performance.

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I bought this yoyo off of YoyoVillage for £30 with a fairly large order. My collection is made up of horrifically expensive yoyos and this £30 yoyo I bought on a whim is probably my go to at the moment. The width is excellent but only a touch too wide for me. The Accelerator will do whatever you throw at it and more. It spins forever and will still come back to your hand with a force. It fits pretty much every style a try: Want to play fast? It's based off of the P.Wave, a blazingly fast yoyo. Like doing slacks? This handles that no problem. Like whips and lacerations? The wide catch zone here has you covered. I bought the Black with Dark Blue wash and it looks amazing when spinning. I do not regret my purchase at all. My only issue was that the bearing disappointed me a bit so I fitted a concave 10 ball I bought dirt cheap and it's gotten better. The response aswell I found it a bit too snappy for my liking but that will change with play. If you have a spare £30/ $50 and want a good yoyo that's cheap this is my number 1 choice. If I could afford it I'd buy another 2 to use in a competition.

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