Bunch of Throws

My name is Jordan, AKA Chaos or ChaosGoW on places like reddit and such. I’m not a noted thrower by any means, I don’t really aspire to compete in competitions, I’m very happy just enjoying my hobby. Part of my hobby as always been helping to promote my hobby to friends, family members, internet communities and anyone else that’ll listen. I’ve been throwing for a while and since I’ve started, I’ve bought a lot of yoyos.

We live in exciting times for yo-yos. Hundreds of companies putting out thousands of amazing throwsPicking out your next throw can be hard. There’s so much choice and so many different bands, models, shapes, materials, characteristics… the list is endless. I wont go very deep into it very often but I’ll try to give a brief overview of what makes a throw unique and how it might fit into your arsenal.

All the yo-yos featured on this site are from my own, personal collection. I feel it’s important to actually throw a yo-yo to tell people what it’s like. That means I wont write about throws I don’t own or haven’t thrown, but from time to time I’d be happy to invite guest writers to write about their throws.

Testing gear

I’m pretty picky about the parts I use in my throws. I have a list of stuff I like. It doesn’t mean they’re the best, it just means I like them. Here’s the stuff I use in and on my yo-yos. All of my yo-yos are pictured with these parts which aren’t always the ones they come with.

  • Plastic yo-yos get a YoYo Factory Center Trac bearing.
  • Metal yo-yos get a YoYo Factory CTX bearing.
  • Titanium yo-yos get a YoYo Recreation DS 10 ball bearing.
  • Bi-Metal yo-yos get a YoYo Recreation Platinum DS bearing.
  • String Trick yo-yos that use size A bearings get a size A YoYo Factory Center Trac Bearing.
  • Looping yo-yos keep the bearings they come with.
  • Off-String yo-yos keep the bearings they come with.
  • I use uncut Kitty XL for everything except for looping yo-yos which get regular Kitty string.
  • All bearings get a dash of One Drop V4M lube once in a while.

I have a few things around I use to test the physical dimensions and a few other things to help out. Some of which you can find on my Helpful Items to have Around page which I add to when I find more neat gadgets to help with throwing. These are the things I use to test that the yo-yos are as described and working propperly. I plan on using these tools and gadgets to re-measure every yo-yo in my collection and provide my own dimensions since not all yo-yos are created equal due to manufacturing tolerances. All yo-yos are weighed and measured without string.

  • A set of calibrated digital scales to weigh the yo-yo
  • A pair of digital calipers to measure the dimensions
  • A pair of large tweezers to handle and test the bearing as well as removing knots
  • A canless air system to clean the bearing and the yo-yo