YoYo Factory – 888

YoYo Factory - 888 - Black

YoYo Factory – 888 – Black

Material Aluminium
Diameter 50mm
Width 40mm
Weight 47.8g
Bearing C
Playstyle String Tricks

YoYo Factory - 888 - Black - Profile

YoYo Factory – 888 – Black – Profile

Small, high walled organic with hubstacks. Plays fairly fast but isn’t too stable, the hubstacks are what make this throw worth the money. There are better yo-yos to learn how to use hubstacks with but it’s a good choice if you’re already good with them. If you’re not interested in hubstacks, then pass on it but if you are, here it is.

User reviews

5 5 1
There are only two yoyos in my collection that I would rate five stars, my 888 being one of them. An important note to explain the contrast from the original review is that my model is from 2008. In the '08 model, the width and diameter were slightly increased, and the high walls were dropped in favor of a more natural curve. This reduced the rim weight and helped a lot with suicides and, well most of the typical high-walled problems. Anyway, with that being said, the 888 is a fantastically fun throw. It's small, mid-weight, and sits somewhere in the middle of solid and floaty (probably more solid). It's small size and weight being thrown toward the center limit it's spin times and stability but definitely not to the point that it feels dated. The hub-stacks can be annoying, but can be removed; and the see-through bearing makes it harder to tune but once it's dialed in, there's no vibe. What gets the 888 five stars for me is purely my personal opinion on it's feel. I have seen before, some people using the word "soul" to describe how a yoyo feels on the string, how it plays, and all of it's quirks. I'm not sure exactly what people mean when they say a yoyo has soul, but I can say that the 888 has it. With all of its shortcomings and imperfections the 888 has truly become a favorite of mine and definitely get the award for most "fun" out of all of the throws that I own. Additionally, the review above is, according to the picture, for the 888x. While I don't own one myself, the general consensus is that the 888x was the worst of the 888 series and suffered from a severe dip in quality. From what I have gathered, each year of the 888, the 07', 08', 09', the 888.11, and the 888x, all play differently, so that's something to keep in mind.

4 5 1
I have the 2007 model. It used to be the gold standard on which a yoyo's smoothness was compared. It feels very light and fast. It was my yoyo of choice for the longest time until a couple of years ago when I bought a yoyo with a more current design. Despite the age, the eight8eight was surprisingly still able to keep up with more modern yoyos. Its finish was very smooth; it made grinds so enjoyable. A major flaw would be that its horizontal capability is severely lacking, but that is understandable for a yoyo from 2007. Many have told me that the other iterations cannot compare to the 2007 model. It is truly a gem.

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